Written by Jim McKinley
Once we reach a certain age, we tend to be caught between saving for our golden years and savoring every moment. Being frugal has its place, but to enjoy your life, it’s also important to let your hair down. Here’s how you can have fun during your senior years without overspending.

Start with Security

One of the best ways to feel good about spending a little money on yourself is to prepare a secure foundation for what is to come. After all, once you know you have established a firm footing for the future, you can feel at ease having fun now. With that in mind, investing in burial insurance is a budget-friendly way to create a safety net for your loved ones. Benefits can be used to pay final arrangements, but also for other expenses such as mortgages and credit card debts. You can save stress and time that would otherwise fall to family members, and once something so practical is accomplished, you can feel free to indulge in activities that are entertaining and offer fulfillment in other ways.

Freedom, Time, and Energy

All too often, we fall victim to being too busy with doing, and not enough time enjoying. If time or energy is preventing you from engaging in the little things you love to do, HomeAdvisor points out retirees can  hire assistance with routine chores to be freed up for other endeavors. For instance, consider paying for someone to tend your landscaping, manage your home maintenance projects, or run errands. A minimal expenditure can go a long ways toward opening up your schedule and freeing you to do things you would rather be doing.

Enjoy a Little Rest and Relaxation

What do you do with your downtime? Actively engaging in rest and relaxation can seriously improve your quality of life. As LiveStrong points out, enjoying some recreational activities offers some important health benefits, such as reduced risk for depression, lowered stress levels, and better physical well-being. Taking up a new hobby can boost your wellness even more. It appears that seniors who participate in recreational activities requiring them to learn new skills enjoy special health benefits, such as improved memory and sharper cognitive function. Consider doing something you always wanted to do, whether it’s taking a class in quilting, learning digital photography, or playing a musical instrument.

Footloose and Fancy-Free

Have you always wanted to travel? Retirement is the perfect opportunity to get out and go since you aren’t tied down to a work schedule anymore. Traveling offers some terrific boons to your well-being, such as reduced stress levels, improved fitness, better brain health, and lowered risk for heart disease. The icing on the cake: Seniors can enjoy special travel deals for cruises or on flights, or by engaging in fulfilling roles like joining the Peace Corps or as a citizen scientist. Throughout your adventures, you can take advantage of various discounts at hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Don’t be shy about your age when you’re out and about!

Add to Your Family

Little is more rewarding than having someone to come home to and to share in your adventures. If you don’t already have a pooch, consider adding a furry friend to enjoy life with you. US News points out seniors especially can glean terrific benefits from having a dog in their lives. Canine companions provide structure, encourage activity, lower stress levels, and can even enhance your social life. Instead of purchasing a purebred pup, consider adopting a shelter or rescue dog. It’s usually less costly than going to a breeder, it’s a chance to provide a home for a dog in need, and oftentimes the organization will help you find the right match for your lifestyle. On top of everything else, the dogs available frequently have training already on board. You can begin the search for your perfect pooch online through various rescue websites.

Getting older can bring on a variety of thoughts and emotions. However, remember to ensure future security so you feel at peace and able to enjoy yourself. With a firm foundation, you can savor every moment of every day!